Memorial Day will soon be here.


To the editor:

Memorial Day will soon be here.   Memorial Day is not a day of mourning – it’s a day of celebration.  We in the Western World sometimes take for granted the lifestyle we have – the democracy, the freedom. But we need to take the time on Memorial Day to remember why we have this freedom and who was responsible for giving it to us. 

Memorial Day is typically celebrated through observances such as church services, parades, decorating the graves of fallen soldiers with flowers, and getting together with family and friends to enjoy the freedom our comrades in arms have secured for us.

American Legion Auxiliary members of West Union Unit 15 understand the sacrifices the United States armed forces have made to preserve freedom and honor past and current American service members. As a sign of their appreciation, Auxiliary members each wear a red memorial poppy on Memorial Day weekend.

The American Legion Auxiliary memorial poppy is a symbol of the price of war and the sacrifice of millions. Members of American Legion Auxiliary Unit 15 will be distributing poppies on Thursday and Friday,  May 9 and May 10, in the downtown and mall areas.

Auxiliary members ask every American citizen to wear a poppy on the observance of Memorial Day, Monday, May 27, in addition to the entire preceding weekend. 

Wear it in honor of the millions of Americans who have willingly served our nation, all too many of whom have made the ultimate sacrifice. The poppy is not only a personal tribute to the dead, but it also honors the living veteran by helping to support veterans and their families.  Each poppy is handmade by disabled and hospitalized veterans.  It is a small reminder to the American public that millions have died so we can keep alive the kind of patriotism so necessary in this great country of ours.  

If you are not contacted and you would like to give a donation, checks (payable to American Legion Auxiliary Unit 15) may be sent to Marsha Leahy, 505 Russell Ave., West Union, IA 52175, or call (563) 422-5716 and we will pick up your donation.

Thanks so much for your contribution and support!

Marsha Leahy

West Union American Legion Auxiliary Unit 15

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