Iowa's newspapers reach consumers!

Newspapers work

• 86% of Iowans read newspapers
• Iowa newspapers average 2 readers per copy
• 51% of Iowans turn to their newspaper first for shopping information (compared to 18% for Internet, 3% for TV and 1% for radio)
• 42% of Iowans turn to their newspaper first for product cost information, versus 32% turning to the internet, 2% turning to television and less than 1% turning to radio
• 43% of Iowans rely on their local newspaper first for community events
• 80% of Iowans access the Internet...over 96% of Iowans with computers at home have Internet access and more than 53% of them have accessed a newspaper web site in the past 30 days
• In the past two weeks, 52% of Iowans say they purchased an item advertised in the newspaper, versus 15% from television advertising and 5% from radio
• 78% of Iowans read or look at advertising inserts in their newspaper
• 50% of Iowans prefer to receive advertising inserts in their newspaper versus 7% by direct mail
• 45% of Iowans read political advertising in newspapers.Newspapers lead all other media as the source most relied on for information on local political candidates.
• 86% of Iowans have read at least one issue of a newspaper in the past week
*Source: Newton Marketing & Research, 2010

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