WU Police tracking counterfeit money

West Union Police Chief Paul Becthold was visiting businesses last week warning them about counterfeit bills that were being circulated throughout the community. Here he points out some of the things to look for when determining whether a bill is counterfeit or not, to All Stop owner Casey McDermott.


WU Police tracking counterfeit money


By Jack Swanson


The West Union Police Department spent several days tracking down counterfeit bills that were circulating throughout the community.

According to Police Chief Paul Becthold, police received three different reports of counterfeit money being used in West Union.  He reported that all three of the incidents were at different businesses in the city limits of West Union.  

According to Becthold, the monies being passed as legitimate currency are $20 and $10 bills.

“However, counterfeit bills can be of any denomination,” he warned.


He is urging businesses in the area to be on the lookout for these bills in the future.

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