Fayette Council discusses trap shoot options

Fayette Council discusses trap shoot options



By Meagan Molseed



The Fayette City Council met for its regular meeting on Monday, February 4 at the Fayette City Hall. 


During the meeting, the council spoke with Blake Gamm regarding a request to allow tactics for the local trap-shooting club on a plot of land within the city limits.  


“I received a letter from Upper Iowa University last fall that said they were considering developing a trap-shoot team of their own,” said Gamm.


 “The letter suggested working in a sort of partnership with our team, a suggestion we think would be very beneficial to many,” he continued.  “Since our team was formed, three seasons ago, we’ve been shooting out at the Volga recreation area, but we have since outgrown that space.”

Gamm went on to explain that should the local team, which encompasses North Fayette Valley students, some West Central students, as well as students from other surrounding schools, be allowed to practice in the proposed area, it will aid in performance both now and in the future. 


“Should we be able to use this area when UIU develops their own team, I see multiple benefits,” said Gamm.  “To have older students who have been shooting longer available to help our team would be a valuable resource.” 


The request will be going to the Fayette County planning and zoning committee on Tuesday, February 12.  The Fayette Council is in favor of the request, but is holding official approval pending further information.  


In other news, the Fayette Council discussed amending the Board of Adjustment code to work with a variety of schedules. 


“What we are looking at, is adding two members to the five person committee giving us a total of seven,” explained city administrator Kris McGrane.  “That would allow for more flexibility should a member, or a chair, be unable to attend.”


“The outcome we are looking for is that the seven members would all serve, working as a guarantee that five would always be present,” noted Fayette mayor, Andrew Wenthe.  “It would be best to set this new code up so a temporary chair or vice chair could be voted on if the nominated one is not present.” 

“We are in a unique situation,” added McGrane.  “We are a small city, but we have so much going on we sometimes find ourselves having to operate like a bigger city to accommodate that.  It can be hard to get members who are able to commit to all meetings when appointed to boards.” 


The council agreed to discuss the proposed changes with the city attorney before going further with a final decision.  


“If people have questions for the attorney regarding this amendment, they can give them to me at city hall and I will forward them to the attorney, it might take him some time to find the answers,” said McGrane.  


The issue was tabled pending further information. 


The Fayette City Councils next meeting will be held at the Fayette City Hall at 6 p.m. Tuesday, February 19. The meeting was moved from Monday, February 18 to Tuesday, February 19 in observance of Presidents Day.  


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