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Reed and Sheila Newstorm submit their votes on Election Day Tuesday, Nov. 6, at the Fayette County Courthouse in West Union. 


Tellin, Stanbrough elected as Supervisors


Chris DeBack



Election night has come and gone and as the last few ballots are being counted here are the unofficial midterm election results. 


This article will give you the number of votes casted for each candidate in Fayette County with overall votes for state and federal races in parenthesis. Candidates will be listed in descending order based on number of votes received in Fayette County. 


A total of 8,217 votes were casted in Fayette County; 5,202 on Election Day and 3,015 by absentee ballot. 


Remember, these are unofficial results. There are still some absentee ballots to be counted and results won’t become official until they are canvassed by the Fayette County Supervisors on Monday, Nov. 12. Official results, including township trustee results, will be in the Wednesday, Nov. 14, newspapers. 


Local elections


Fayette County Supervisors (two elected)

Rep. Jeanine Tellin 3,876

Dem. Martin “Marty” Stanbrough 3,617

Rep. Darrel Dolf 3,286

Dem. Ben Hanson 3,205


Fayette County Treasurer 

Rep. Kyle Jacobsen 5,768

Dem. Tammy Wolverton 2,637


State elections



Rep. Kim Reynolds 4,504 (662,633)

Dem. Fred Hubbell 3,421 (623,099)

Lib. Jake Porter 142 (21,095)

Cle. Gary Siegwarth 109 (7,349)


State Representative District 55

Rep. Michael Bergan 2,224 (6,902)

Dem. Kayla Koether 1,642 (6,894)


State Representative District 56 

Rep. Anne Osmundson (7,057)

Dem. Lori Egan (5,107)


State Representative District 64

Bruce Bearinger 3,296 (8,973)




U.S. House of Representatives District 1

Rep. Rod Blum 4,140 (152,939)

De. Abby Finkenauer 3,678 (169,341) 

Lib. Troy Hageman 320 (10,227)


Other local and state elections


Fayette County Recorder

Dem. Karen Ford 6,654


Fayette County Attorney

Rep. Wayne Saur 6,343


Secretary of State

Rep. Paul Pate 4,818 (681,088)

Dem. Deidre DeJear 3,026 (576,349)

Lib. Jules Ofenbakh 199 (30,380)


Auditor of State

Dem. Rob Sand 3,998 (652,589)

Rep. Mary Mosiman 3,841 (596,850)

Lib. Fred Perryman 199 (32,889)


Treasurer of State 

Dem. Michael Fitzgerald 4,270 (702,796)

Rep. Jeremy Davis 3,529 (549,630)

Lib. Timothy Hird 207 (30,791)


Secretary of Agriculture

Rep. Mike Naig 4,450 (646,928)

Dem. Tim Gannon 3,320 (595,723)

Lib. Rick Stewart 264 (38,354)


Attorney General

Dem. Tom Miller 5,768 (871,640)

Lib. Marco Battaglia 1,343 (259,628)


Clayton County Supervisors (two elected)

Rep. Sharon Keehner 4,353

Rep. Steve Doeppke 4,284

Dem. Joleen Jansen 2,871

Dem. Richard Dinan 2,257









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