Cathy Renwick Bemiss


To the editor:

I thought I would try to explain our budget in simpler terms.

Here is a breakdown of expense as a cost per day. Some departments have revenue other than property tax, and I adjusted that expense with the estimated revenue calculated into the overall expense.

Fire department rev. adj. - $63.25 per day (township revenue was calculated)

Airport rev. adjusted - $30.14 per day (hangar rental)

Library rev. adjusted* - $300.57 per days open (state, county, library fees)

Rec program rev. adj.* - $62.43 per participant (500)

Pool rev. adj. - $803.43 per day (12 weeks)

Cemetery* - $295.00 per day (30 weeks)

Street* - $674.88 per day (all expense covered by road use tax fund $s)

Water* - $1123.49 per day (includes water rev. bond payment – all expense covered by fees)

Sewer* - $1172.35 (expense covered by usage fees, capital improvement fees)

Police* - $920.27 per day

*does not include health care premiums

We have other expenses, but I thought this would give you a better idea of our expense-providing services in the next budget year.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions/concerns @ 563-380-4522 or

Cathy Renwick Bemiss

West Union City Council member







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