To the editor: Mark Hanson



To the editor:

I would just like to say that after reading the article about a Casey’s General Store that I was disappointed. It says how good it would be for the town and that it would employ 25 to 30 people and add additional property tax.

What about all the businesses, families, and employees it would hurt that are already here? All these places and employees already pay property taxes and spend money in town and send their children to school here. Many businesses who give to help our schools, fire department, hospitals, etc.

A new Casey’s would hurt many places and people. It would hurt two pizza places, two gas stations, a grocery store with a bakery, and at least seven places that are locally owned that serve food at breakfast, dinner and supper. All these places hire many more employees than the small 25 to 30 that would be at the new place. Some of these places might — and probably would — lose business and could close. We already have in-town businesses that offer what Casey’s would bring, so let’s help our local businesses. Our new streets were supposed to encourage business, but it should not be at the expense of our businesses that are already here supporting our town.

We surely don’t need to pay for the way of a business that is only going to hurt our own residents. If a new business wants to come to town and offer us something different than we already have we should welcome it, but let’s take care of our own families and businesses and employees before we lose some of them.

Thank you.

Mark Hanson

West Union

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