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To the editor:


The root cause of “climate change and global warming caused by human activity” is because of the growing human population, and one person today does more pollution of every kind than 100 people did 150 years ago.

How many gallons of gasoline, heating fuel, motor vehicles, tires, electricity, electronic equipment, spray cans, bottles, and plastic bags will one person go through in a lifetime?

But the Radical Religious Extremists (RRE’s) deny the “human activity” has anything to do with such damage to the environment, because if they had to admit to such, then they would have to admit that birth control and Planned Parenthood are necessary, but they have their minds shut off to reason, reality, and evidence.

They can parrot some archaic Bible verse that says “ye must replenish the earth” (that was given when there were only a few people on Earth, just like they used to use a Bible verse that said “the four corners of the earth” to prove the earth is flat and square. The RRE’s were just as hateful to anyone suggesting the earth is round (at that time), as they are today to anyone promoting birth control.

Humans have dumped economy and conservation in trade for more speed and convenience. Fifty years ago all heavy goods were shipped into and out of these rural areas by railroad, but now the same shipping is done by rubber-tired big rigs on the roads, resulting in more fuel used.

Some people who are addressing climate change and global warming are afraid to mention the two issues above, because they are afraid of the RRE’s and the big money/big business people in transportation. They delete the most important issues, but instead tell us that we must trade our SUVs off for bicycles and shut our lights off, and go back to a lifestyle of the 1800s.

I oppose nuclear power plants. I know they say nothing can possibly go wrong, but Murphy’s law sets in on them anyway, just like on that nuclear power plant in Japan. They will say, “Oh, but that earthquake wasn’t supposed to happen.”

I favor wind, solar, and water power. These don’t pollute, and if they do break down, they don’t cause such an extreme disaster like nuclear does.


Herman Lenz


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