Main Street Minute


Main Street Minute

By John Pleggenkuhle
MSWU board member

My name is John Pleggenkuhle, DC, board member of Main Street West Union. I moved to West Union in 2011 after spending a few years in Arizona. At that point, my wife, Andrea, and I decided to bring our children back to northeast Iowa to be closer to our families.

When we were looking for a place to call home, we were drawn to West Union as we discovered what the community had to offer. West Union, although a small rural community, appeared very progressive. While many rural communities were going by the wayside, West Union had a choice. The residents could choose to do nothing and watch as the younger generation moved to other areas, or they could choose to take steps to make their community a place that people would see as a great place to work, play, educate, shop, and raise a family.

For the past two years I have watched downtown West Union’s transformation. Although not finished, I am very impressed with the amount of work that has already been completed. Many business owners, residents and volunteers have taken time from their busy lives to help the community to reach its goals. As a business owner myself, I feel that even though my business is not “downtown,” the upgrades to the streets and storefronts will draw more people to our community. I believe this will prove a win-win decision for the entire community.

Seeing the potential impact Main Street West Union will continue to have on our community is what drove me to join the board. I hope to serve West Union in any capacity I can and look forward to seeing the finished project downtown. 

My congratulations to West Union for what you’ve already accomplished and sincere best wishes as we all work together to make this community even more prosperous. We are proud to call West Union our home! 

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